Printed Smart Devices

With conventional printing methods, we embed secure, electronic identification tags in everyday paper products creating unexpected and disruptive product features for many industries.

Our interactive ID technologies are more secure than optical recognition systems and available at lower cost than RFID and NFC.

Prismade is a technology developer, focusing exclusively on interactive high security applications.

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PRISMADE Introduction

Printed Smart Identification

With our printed smart identification tag, the internet of things arrives in secure documents, cards, packaging and labels.

prisma ID combines digital security with consumer accessibility thereby offering an alternative to QR codes and NFC.

Prismade is licensing this interactive technology to solution providers and manufacturers.


key facts

  • Enables consumers to securely verify and communicate with eGovernment and payment solutions.
  • Low cost manufacturing in your security printing equipment.
  • Does not interfere with product design. Works alongside other security features.

use cases

Smart Hologram

Smart Hologram

Prismade upgrades regular holograms with an easy to access, electronic verification feature: no more reliance on the end-user’s knowledge of the hologram features.

Just by touch, our smart hologram can be securely verified on any smartphone.

Unlike camera-based systems, this new approach is more secure and easier to access.

Smart Hologram

key facts

  • Authenticate Holograms anywhere with a smartphone.
  • Electronic detection, not optical, for greater security and accessibility.
  • Enabling new digital business models through established hologram applications.

edding code

Through our partner, the edding corporation, we provide an interactive and secure communication tool for mass market applications.

edding code enables a magical new way to digital brand enhancement. Learn more about solutions for brand protection, interactive packaging, marketing and promotions.