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PRISMADE LABS is the culmination of more than 10 years of pioneering work in the field of mass printed, electronic functionalities. With our brand-new PRISMA ID technology we have finally solved the puzzle of printed and secure identification. We invite you to join us on this spectacular ride towards everyday products with embedded digital features.

In 2017 we have partnered with edding, a global leader and synonym for creative and industrial markers. Together, we are developing unique technologies, inks and materials for digital, secure and interactive markings.

With our team of print, software, and project innovation engineers we work closely with our customers to connect their need for anti-counterfeiting, brand communication or track & trace with the digital services that consumers are expecting today.

Management Team

Dr.-Ing. Karin Weigelt - Co-Founder

Even before the term „printed electronics“ was known, Karin has worked as a research scientist on mass printed electronic functionalities. From printed photovoltaics, acoustics, lighting, batteries, sensors and functional inmold technologies, Karin has a share in all of them. As head of print development and later as director of R&D, working at global pioneers of printed electronics, Karin led her engineering teams to create innovative digital solutions for global brands and managed international research and production partnerships.

Jan Thiele - Co-Founder

During his studies of print technology, Jan founded his first company, a digital design agency focusing on innovative product and communication concepts. Later he founded a company for systems development of printed electronics and managed to aquire strategic investments and partnerships from multinational corporations. As co-founder and managing director, Jan focused on the strategic development of mass printed technologies and the aquisition of pioneering projects, utilizing such innovations.

In 2016, Karin and Jan co-founded PRISMADE LABS to regain the freedom necessary for true innovation towards disruptive technologies for brand authentication and document security.

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