Veridos presents innovative smartphone-based verification solution for identity documents


Veridos, a global provider of integrated identity solutions, will present SwipeUp ID for the first time at SecurityPrinters in Copenhagen. The innovative solution uses the capacitive displays of smartphones to verify identity documents quickly and securely.

A hidden metallic element serves as a basis: the newly-developed electronic technology is printed on the document and contains an identity-specific coding. Once the SwipeUp ID app has been opened, users can simply place the document on the smartphone’s capacitive display and swipe up with one finger, which will activate the new feature. This induces a unique signal that is analyzed by the app and can then confirm or reject the validity of the document within only a few seconds. This makes SwipeUp ID a smart-phone based second level security feature unlike any other.

The interactive security feature was developed by Veridos in collaboration with the start-up company Prismade Labs based in Chemnitz, Germany. Both companies have agreed on an exclusive development partnership. The aim is to fully integrate the Prismade technology into the identity documents and system solutions of Veridos.

The new process is particularly suitable for identity documents that do not contain any electronics or chips, such as many identity cards or driver’s licences. The security feature is applied cost-effectively and environmentally friendly by a regular printing process during the card production. It also contains country-specific codes, so that only the authorities of the country, that has issued the document, can read the information.

Veridos will present the innovative solution at the conference and exhibition for security printing that will take place in Copenhagen from October 23 to 25, 2019. Visitors can test the smartphone-based solutions at booth number 56-57.

“Authorities or government agencies want to be able to verify identities quickly and reliably,” explains Dr. Silke Bargstädt-Franke, Head of Product Management at Veridos. “Proprietary solutions can elevate the costs to produce traditional documents, thus we developed an  alternative smartphone-based solution to offer our customers a cost-effective and secure verification solution of chipless documents. With SwipeUp ID, operating costs are significantly lower and handling is comfortable and intuitive”.