Prismade launches security labels with transparent printed electronics to secure documents via smartphones


Prismade (Printed Smart Devices) has brought its PrismaID technology to a new level. The new solution aims to protect valuable and sensitive documents like cards, contracts or certificates with an easy-to-use security label and connect them to digital services. This innovative technology is a scalable B2B solution offered to businesses with a high need of […]


easycheck Pilot phase successfully completed


“easycheck”, edding’s digital driving licence verification solution, brought to marketReal-time authentication via smartphone display using patented digital code from special, readable ink Ahrensburg 17.03.2021  After two years in  development and following the successful completion of field trials,  edding is now launching the sale and distribution of “easycheck”, its digital business solution for fleet management. edding’s […]


Magic Paper Preview – Missing Battery & Out of the Box


Prismade presents: a new way to interact with cards.Magic Paper! Re-igniting the attention and excitement for paper-based promotions, gaming, lottery, and gamification. These videos show two of many possibilities to create a WOW-effect with intense interactivity. We are rethinking technologies to finally connect high volume print products with digital possibilities at feasible cost. Made of […]


Prismade among Germany’s top digital innovation units


In June 2020 a study about Germany’s digital innovation units by Capital Magazin and Infront Consulting & Management GmbH was published and we ranked 2nd place in our category! The annual renowned study focuses on the feasible outcomes of digital innovation. It is truly eye-opening to see what you can accomplish with a highly dedicated, creative team, the right […]


Prismade presents Smart Hologram at Holography Conference


Prismade Labs introduces a new technology that upgrades regular holograms with an easy to access, electronic verification feature: no more reliance on the end-user’s knowledge of the hologram features. Just by touch, our smart hologram can be securely verified on any smartphone. Unlike camera-based systems, this new approach is more secure and easier to access. […]


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